Data Guard #JoelKallmanDay

Apart from Exadata (been working the last 7 years with it) one of my favourite  Oracle products is Data Guard.  I don't think I need to explain Data Guard I have been using Data Guard since quite a while, it literally saved customers' business quite a few times.  It works way better than storage replication, something that gave already quite a bit of issues in the past at some of my customers, for the same reason as why you use RMAN to backup your Oracle Database ; Oracle knows exactly how an Oracle block / redo / transaction looks like and only copies over data to recover that transaction. Storage replications copies over every change also corruptions.  Before you just a had a physical standby and you had to type all the commands yourself to do a failover / switchover, but then came the Data Guard Broker, one command to type the broker does the rest. Since 12.1 I don't see a reason not to use the Broker, works really as a charm. Oracle extended the feature set a lot over t