Thursday, October 27, 2016

multitenant series

Yes I finally get the opportunity to work on multitenant, my customer is evaluating this feature.

the coming weeks you will see more posts about this oracle feature. It will be more like small findings about multitenant.

So far I learned a lot this series will document it for you and for me ;--)

stay tuned

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

OTN Appreciation Day : SuperCluster

OTN Appreciation event 

Tim Hall aka as Mr Oraclebase started a great initiative to show and share our love for the oracle community and the OTN program.

The idea was to do a non tech talk about an Oracle software feature / product you are fond of.

I am definitely cheating here because the product I choose to show my appreciation contains other Oracle Software products (Oracle database, RAC, Grid ,Solaris ), for people who know me it is no surprise I will be talking about SuperCluster in this blogpost.

I would like to convince you to dig deeper in the Sparc SuperCluster :-), don't hesitate to contact me in case of questions.

I often call it Exadata ++ and it definitely is that, it offers you the stability , flexibility and ease of use, straightforwardness of Solaris together with the secret sauce of exadata : storage cells and as a bonus an infiniband integrated ZFS SA from which the os boot, you can use it as well to put on other data or backups.

 To me it is the ultimate consolidation platform and in memory machine
 ( up to 32TB of RAM in the M6) you can run both database applications as other applications on the same box.

The product made fantastic improvements over the years and from the early beginning offers almost zero overhead virtualization with hardware isolation.

 The latest generation comes with incredible M7 chip which not only offers 32 cores per chip but also “DATA ANALYTICS ACCELERATORS” called DAX, the DAX takes work from the main cores, it takes over decompression, encryption,  ….

 The M7 can encrypt and decrypt with almost no overhead, the benchmarks I saw had an overhead of 3%.

I hope to lay my hands on one of those machines the next months.

 I also hope I made you curious about this fantastic product Some links :

post OOW thoughts

OOW 2016 where to start…

My first and last OOW dated from 2012 so this was my second OOW.

 It started with some quirks : issues in Brussels caused my flight to be delayed by 132min making me miss my other flight in Zurich, I was happy to hear that i was rebooked on a flight to Boston the same day, sad to hear 1h before that flight that that flight was cancelled and that i  had to stay over in Zurich and take the plane the next day to Frankfurt to continue the journey.

So instead of arriving thursday I arrived one day later friday, missing some appointments I made in the morning.
After that it only got better.  

Jan Karremans and Oyvind Isene came to collect me from the airport from where we took an Uber to Fremont to visit the Tesla factory.Ilmar Kerm and his Kristina joined us at the factory,
It was great to see how a car is in 6 days made from raw materials. I was surprised to see how many things they make theirselves onsite, other factories I visited worked with more suppliers.

Contrary to last time, I on purposely decided not to overload my agenda with sessions, most of the sessions I can I attend at other conferences.

For me the most important part of Open World are the demo grounds, the hands on labs  and of course meeting up with friends and fellow oracle enthousiasts 

The demo grounds in the exhibition hall is the place where you can get in  contact with the product managers and sometimes even the developers of a software feature or product. I spend quite some time there and missed quite a few sessions because i didn’t see time pass ;-)

I am not going to bother you with the sessions I followed, that would bring us too far ;-)

It was great seeing so many friends back this year and to participate in the different activities organised by the community and product managers :
the ACE dinner
the golden gate run on Sunday
the bay swim on Monday
the gathering with SQL Developer friends in the 21st amendement
the Super Cluster reception

I really would like to thank Jennifer and Laura and everybody else  from the ACE and OTN program for all the effort they put in giving us a great time at OOW. 

Being part of the ACE program really made this a great experience.