Thursday, July 31, 2014

QFSDP July 2014 new : confusion version numbering

this week I applied the QFSDP of july on the SSC T4 at the customer

One thing that struck me was following :

before on the oracle db home

ssc01dbdat01z01:~$ opatch lspatches
18497417;CRS PATCH FOR EXADATA (APR2014 - : (18497417)
18293775;DATABASE PATCH FOR EXADATA (APR2014 - : (18293775)

Quite obvious that this is BP6


18522515;OCW Patch Set Update : (18522515)
18825509;DATABASE PATCH FOR EXADATA (JUL2014 - : (18825509)

Very confusion not ?  first of all OCW (Oracle Cluster Ware ) instead of CRS patch but also a different version number

But apparently according to  

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