Sunday, June 15, 2014

ougf more impressions day 2

After the marvellous social eating fest and some after party beer

Day 2 of OUGF was there I attended Graham Woods session

 The I went to the next building to see Ann Sjökvist's presentations about SE 12c, which I really enjoyed and I was not alone ....

Then time was there to go to the SE World Round Table in a ....Lapish Kota, which was great and better then Ann, Jan and I could have imagined.
Juha Hellman from Oracle Finland was the first to present and interact with the audience and highlighted that the Sparc T5 processors are really a bargain for SE

We had different approaches on the subject Jans take was more "needs analysis" while mine was more "spoiled kid working with EE all his life what do I loose and how can I try to add those missing things". Two different approaches that the audience really liked. 

Jan also had a great take on the TCL ( Total Cost of Loss) what is your data worth and how the protect you ...

Then My friend Oyvind was on talking about his first experience with exadata, he had a packed room ... and a room laughing when he explained what PM's are named after by dba's ... "proxies" ;-)

ilmar kerm playing with my camera ;-)

everything unfortunately has an end and the end was near, OUGF 2014 was Finnish

so how can we close this one better then with a jump picture ...

Helli, Ursula, Cooper, Ann, Petri, Marko and all of the others I forgot
thanks you very much for having me it was a great event !! well organised and great to see all those familiar (f)aces again.
Hopefully see you next year...or sooner on another Usergroup Conference 

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