Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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I am way behind with blog posts for the moment bit too busy ;(

more to come


Thursday, July 31, 2014

QFSDP July 2014 new : confusion version numbering

this week I applied the QFSDP of july on the SSC T4 at the customer

One thing that struck me was following :

before on the oracle db home

ssc01dbdat01z01:~$ opatch lspatches
18497417;CRS PATCH FOR EXADATA (APR2014 - : (18497417)
18293775;DATABASE PATCH FOR EXADATA (APR2014 - : (18293775)

Quite obvious that this is BP6


18522515;OCW Patch Set Update : (18522515)
18825509;DATABASE PATCH FOR EXADATA (JUL2014 - : (18825509)

Very confusion not ?  first of all OCW (Oracle Cluster Ware ) instead of CRS patch but also a different version number

But apparently according to  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

UKOUG TECH 14 here I come

Just received a mail from UKOUG today

I am very exited I will do a joint presentation with Bjoern Rost name : The Renaissance of SPARC.

and will do another presentation :

What we had to unlearn and learn when moving from M9000 to Super Cluster. 

the title says it all ;-)

hope to see you in Liverpool

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rac One + Data Guard + Broker on Sparc Super Cluster : a passionate marriage part 1 (DBCA)

The project where I am currently working on involves a Sparc Super Cluster (SSC) and migrating databases from M9000 hardware to this nice machine.

A SSC is basically a SPARC  based exadata, you get all the advantages of the exadata and a lot more ... lot of versataliy using SPARC; IO Domains , Zones, CPU Capping on the compute nodes ... You can assign CPU's to zones that don't use underlying Exadata storage cells as database storage, but just regular SAN or NAS storage ....

Several versions of SSC exist the customer has the version with 4 T4-4 that is 4 times 4 cpus with 8 cores each with 8 threads per core ....a lot of processing power.

The customer decided to make use of Data Guard and Rac One.
EM 12c R3 (probably R4 with go live)

For me Rac One is something new as is Data Guard Broker,  on Rac Databases, I configured it on single instance databases years ago but always preferred the manual sql way to do switchovers etc ... however if you want to use EM 12c to do switchovers, etc, there is no alternative the broker must be used.

I will split the installation of RAC One  and Data Guard over several blogposts, basically it will become a series on how to setup

The first part will discuss the setup of RAC one
The second part will discuss how to get the data copied over to the standby host.
The third part will discuss how to get this integrated in the data guard broker

So here we go

Ok you created your first RAC One  database with the the database creation assistants as shown here under.

Sofar everything is the same however here we see some specifics to the SSC (don't know for exadata )

Logs.sql will add the redo logs for both threads
Create_bct.sql è put block change tracking on
Recreate_temp.sql è recreates a bigfile temporary tablespace

Cluster_interconnect.sql “tries” to set the interconnect but fails to do so correctly, it bases itself on the gv$ tables and since only one instance is up this doesn’t work as expected, more over a RAC One Instance can run on every node and isn’t bound to a node you can end up with INST_1 running on node2 and vice versa.

Set_use_large_pages.sql  è sets obligatory use of memory pages to false, and suggests to set it to TRUE after checking the os, however I believe contrary to Linux on Solaris this is done automagically, this should be translucent, excuse the phun internal joke with the c

Set_fra_size.sql èsets the fra to 90% of the diskgroup TO BE CHANGED if running more then one instance from that DG, in our case there will be about 40 instances running, something I want to reduce significantly and make use of resource_manager and IORM

Exadata_miscellaneous.sql è
@/u01/app/oracle/product/ exa apply
insert into resource_io_calibrate$ values (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 0,0,200,0,0);
BEGIN DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.set_audit_trail_location(audit_trail_type => DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.AUDIT_TRAIL_AUD_STD,audit_trail_location_value => 'SYSAUX');  END;
BEGIN DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.set_audit_trail_location(audit_trail_type => DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.AUDIT_TRAIL_FGA_STD,audit_trail_location_value => 'SYSAUX');  END;

for the rest everything is the same as you can see here...

for future DG implementation we append _SSC01 to the db_unique_name

Wait a bit and the Rac One Db is ready

the highlighted template set some parameters that are specific to the super cluster

It looks like the cluster_interconnects_parameter set by set_cluster_interconnects.sql is not working as expected, it makes use of the gv$ tables and with RAC One information about the 2nd thread is only there during a relocation … therefore the parameter is not set for the other instance.

Following init.ora parameters were set for exadata :

This is how the init.ora looks like after the RAC One install

DGTEST_2.__db_cache_size= 3019898880
DGTEST_1.__oracle_base='/u01/app/oracle'#ORACLE_BASE set from environment
DGTEST_2.__shared_pool_size= 1006632960
*.db_recovery_file_dest_size=1102053376000#90% of Total Space in FRA Disk Group *.db_unique_name='DGTEST_SSC01'
*.use_large_pages='FALSE'#Change use_large_pages to ONLY, after verifying the nr.hugepages requirement

Sunday, June 15, 2014

ougf more impressions day 2

After the marvellous social eating fest and some after party beer

Day 2 of OUGF was there I attended Graham Woods session

 The I went to the next building to see Ann Sjökvist's presentations about SE 12c, which I really enjoyed and I was not alone ....

Then time was there to go to the SE World Round Table in a ....Lapish Kota, which was great and better then Ann, Jan and I could have imagined.
Juha Hellman from Oracle Finland was the first to present and interact with the audience and highlighted that the Sparc T5 processors are really a bargain for SE

We had different approaches on the subject Jans take was more "needs analysis" while mine was more "spoiled kid working with EE all his life what do I loose and how can I try to add those missing things". Two different approaches that the audience really liked. 

Jan also had a great take on the TCL ( Total Cost of Loss) what is your data worth and how the protect you ...

Then My friend Oyvind was on talking about his first experience with exadata, he had a packed room ... and a room laughing when he explained what PM's are named after by dba's ... "proxies" ;-)

ilmar kerm playing with my camera ;-)

everything unfortunately has an end and the end was near, OUGF 2014 was Finnish

so how can we close this one better then with a jump picture ...

Helli, Ursula, Cooper, Ann, Petri, Marko and all of the others I forgot
thanks you very much for having me it was a great event !! well organised and great to see all those familiar (f)aces again.
Hopefully see you next year...or sooner on another Usergroup Conference 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oracle Ace Associate

Yesterday I received some great news I was given the Ace Associate Acreditation, I am really honoured thank you Osama Mustafa and Brendan Tierney for submitting my candidature.

ougf some impressions part 1 (Day 0 and Day 1

I was invited to Finland last week to speak, to participate in RAC Attack and to co-host a round table on Oracle Database Standard Edition together with my friends Jan Karremans and Ann Sjökvist  (which I knew from twitter but never met in person) and Juha Hellman from Oracle Finland.

It were two busy but fantastic days, there organisation was really top notch, great food, great atmosphere, great people; I love the oracle community such a strong and nice group of technology eager nerds ;-)

It was also the occasion to meetup with my fellow pragma's : Iloon Ellen Wolff, Joel Goodman and Jan Karremans ( and not this one although jan also is arty ;-)

you can read a lot about OUGF here and here and here and here of course on twitter searching on hash tag #ougf14 so I will try to tell the story by these pictures.

The speakers dinner was in a great setting Harolds Viking Restaurant

Some Pictures to encourage you to go there the Finnish cuisine is really very very nice I loved the tar-ice-cream very very special taste.

very nice atmosphere

sometimes very fearsome vikings

did i mention the service was fast ? ;-)

The day next day we were of to Haltia a wonderful natural resort

Then this person was "keynoting about 12 more things about 12c" do you recognise him ?

or is this better

 Learned a lot about 12c which I realise should start digging into .....

Then it was James Morle's turn, for many of us this was the best keynote in years, he made some really good observations and I really enjoyed it a lot !!! I hope the slides will come online, it talked about best practices, windows of opportunity, the lack of professionalism and the copy cats implementing  best practices without thinking as a day job

The quote "Corporate IT is not IT was marvellous' and had the whole conference room smiling.

First Bjoern Rost (@brost) and Kamran Agayev (@KamranAgayev) and I were there for Rac Attack

Lappish Kota edition

Bjoern Rost having a great time in our sauna

then our first attendee Jussi showed up

It appeared that Mike Dietrich aka as Mr Upgrade had a seminar next doors so he came to say hi !!! 
thanks for dropping by Mike !!!

We were out of joy when we saw jussi tweet 

Up and running! Now I needs to br34k it.. @pfierens @brost @KamranAgayev #RACAttackNinja #ougf14
05/06/14 15:34

so we decided to make a special jump picture for him,

Then it was show time for me, talking about" LDOMS and Oracle Database what to Expect"

I had a limited but great audiance with great questions really enjoyed it.

I also liked Kamran s session about Clusterware failure scenarios

After this I went to my friend Joel Goodmans session about Global Resource Management in Rac a session I saw already before but which was really nice to see again; Joel really knows his stuff and is extremely good at explaining things

Then the last session of the day Bryn Llewellyn
 was there with some relief  (thanks Oyvind and Brost for the catering )

and we thought we could call it a wrap, but ho no time for goodies !!!!

We are in Finland right so time after this for Sauna ;-)

to our surprise there was a small live band of (ex) Oracle Finland employees bringing nice music encouraging people to dance.
They were so nice to get Oyvind on the "dance flour" for his birthday dance ...


I didn't take pictures from the food but that was really marvellous, freshly smoked 'salmon' Finland style ... great.

The first conference day was really great, the next day the world premier SE round table was on the agenda ... I will post info about this shortly...